Imaamul Muslimin: The Greatest Pleasure After Faith is Live in Congregation

photo: Abdullah/MINA

Cileungsi, Bogor Regency, MINA – Imaam Muslimin Yakhsyallah Mansur said that the greatest blessing of Muslims after faith is being able to live in congregation.

“Favors according to Ar-Raghib Al-Ashfihani, in his book Al-Mufradat fi Gharibil Qur’an is a good condition,” said Yakhsyallah in a Tabligh Akbar Virtual 1442 H, with the theme “Congregation is Fitrah in Facing Various Slander and End Time Crisis” on Sunday at Masjid At-Taqwa Al-Fatah Islamic Boarding School Cileungsi, Bogor Regency.

He said the pleasure that a person feels can come from external factors (from outside himself), such as getting gifts, salaries, descent and others.

“External favor is of a duration (has a period). While favors that come from internal (oneself) such as peace of mind, gratitude, qonaah (feeling enough), “explained Yakhsyallah.

“Enjoying the congregation will bring eternal happiness,” he added.

“Because, unity is the greatest blessing for Muslims to live in congregation. Living in congregation is a blessing Allah has given to Muslims, “said Yakhsyallah.

The unity of the Muslims is the thought material of scholars, including those in Indonesia.

Imaam said that the establishment of Islamic-based organizations was actually aimed at unifying the Muslims.

“Hadratus Syaikh Hasyim As’yari in his speech at the NU Congress in South Kalimantan in 1953 emphasized the importance of unity among the ummah. He also emphasized that Muslims stay away from divisions, “he explained.

Tabligh Akbar virtual was attended by congregations from various regions in Indonesia and abroad such as Thailand, the Philippines, Nigeria, Sudan, Palestine, and Malaysia.

By presenting the main speaker, namely Imaamul Muslimin Yakhsyallah Mansur, the advisor of the Al-Fatah Islamic Boarding School Network, KH. Abul Hidayat Saerodjie Lecturer at the University of USIM Malaysia, Dr. Abdul Malik, and Al-Fatah Ponpes Caregiver Maos Arif Hizbullah, M.A. Besides that, MINA Editorial Secretary Widi Kusnadi also hosted the event. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)