Hasina: All Countries Must Protect Rohingya Muslims

Dhaka, MINA – Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said not only his country, but the whole country has the obligation to provide protection to more than 1.1 million Rohingya Muslims who were forcibly driven from Myanmar.

She said when inaugurating the “OIC Youth Capital, Dhaka 2020” at the toughness of Youth Leadership Summit, from her official Ganobhaban residence on Monday, through a video conference with young people from the OIC countries.

Hasina expressed her gratitude to the OIC and its member states for extending their assistance to the Rohingya warfa, one of the most persecuted populations in the world.

“Despite systematic rejection, we are trying to make arrangements to return safely and with dignity to their homeland with the help of the international community,” she said.

Meanwhile, in his remarks at the event the Prime Minister said “The vision of the government of 2021 for digital Bangladesh” is not just a blueprint to unlock the digital creativity of 53 million young people but also to track Bangladesh’s rapid GDP growth rate of 8.13 percent.

“Bangladesh has so far made remarkable progress in alleviating poverty, achieving food security, improving health, and sanitation and empowering women,” she continued.

She said the global valuation projected Bangladesh as one of the three fastest growing economies globally over the next three decades.

Bangladesh is projected to be the 26th largest economy in 2030, and 23rd in 2050. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)