Hadar Golden Family Says, Israeli Government Does Not Want To Return Our Sons in Gaza

Photo: M Shaaban/MINA

Gaza, MINA – The father of Hadar Golden, who has been arrested by the Palestinian resistance in Gaza, strongly criticized the Israeli occupation government today, Sunday morning.

Golden accused the occupation government of its unwillingness to return the prisoners Hadar Golden and Oron Shaul to their families, despite the passage of seven years and four months after the Palestinian resistance in Gaza arrested them, MINA’s Contributor in Gaza reported.

Simha’s accusations came during the family’s weekly sit-down during the regular government session held every Sunday, during which the Israeli government pledged to continue working to return the captured Israeli soldiers.

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He also called on the occupation government to adhere to its conditions and not allow the reconstruction of Gaza until the Palestinian resistance in Gaza returns captured soldiers as an effective way of pressure to persuade Hamas to return them.

It is noteworthy that Hamas maintains four Israeli soldiers, including two soldiers who were captured during the Israeli aggression on Gaza in 2014. As for the other two, they entered Gaza under unclear circumstances, and was arrested by the Palestinian resistance in Gaza.

As for the Hamas movement in Gaza, it rejects the link between the reconstruction process and the exchange of prisoners, and it insists on making a deal according to its conditions, represented in the liberation of a large number of Palestinian prisoners. (LKG-RE1)

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Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)