Gaza Experiences 52 Percent of Drug Scarcity Due to Blockade


Gaza, MINA – Director General of Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza, Munir Al-Bursh, warned of a drastic decline in medical supplies and medical functions at health facilities in Gaza Strip.

He stated that the medical deficit rate reached more than 52 percent.

In a press release reported by PIP on Friday, June 14, Munir explained the drastic rate of decline of these drugs caused great suffering for patients who did not have medicines for them.

He warned the reality of drug deficits currently threatens the occurrence of health disasters in most patients.

Patients who are very affected by the crisis of these drugs are kidney patients. This crisis threatened the lives of 39 children who were undergoing dialysis with the risk of death due to depletion of blood transport, one of the basic needs for each dialysis for kidney patients.

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Acute scarcity also occurs in the supply of hormones (arthropiotin) needed for the treatment of anemia in chronic kidney patients. He explained that the absence of this hormone would force 1,150 kidney failure patients and kidney transplants to undergo a continuous blood transfusion process.

The danger of this crisis of drugs also threatens children who receive therapeutic milk, with a variety of variations. Where more than 1,000 children in Gaza need this type of milk. This lack of milk for children means it can cause permanent disability to them.

Meanwhile, related to cancer patients, Munir warned that 35 types of drugs would be out of stock, equivalent to 62 percent of the therapeutic protocol for around 8,000 patients, including treatment of breast, colon, lymphatic and leukemia cancers in children.

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Munir asked the international community and conscientious people to accelerate the delivery of medicines and medical functions to prevent health disasters in the Gaza Strip. (T/Sj/R04)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)