G20 Summit to Held Virtual Online Next Week

Riyadh, MINA – The Government of Saudi Arabia will hold the G20 Summit via virtual online methods next week. As the current G20 leader, the step was taken by the Saudis to unite the leaders of the G20 group. Aside from coordinating the economic implications of each country, a virtual summit was held in an effort to respond to the coronavirus pandemic.

“G20 leaders will put forward a series of coordinated policies to protect people and safeguard the global economy,” the Saudi secretariat said in a statement as quoted from Saudigazzete on Thursday.l

The statement also said the G20 will respond and seek joint action with relevant international organizations. Mainly to find ways that are considered necessary to reduce impact of the pandemic.

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The Saudi government also said the summit would be held on the ongoing efforts of the G20 finance ministers. Aside from the steps of the governors of the Central Bank, senior health, trade, and foreign affairs officials also sought their role.

The step was carried out on the basis of developing requirements and various appropriate actions that were felt necessary.

“The Saudi Kingdom will continue to support and coordinate international efforts to counter the impact of the pandemic, both in human and economic terms,” ​​the statement added. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)