Egypt Removes Media Groups from List of “Terror Entities”

Cairo, MINA – The Egyptian parliament is removing satellite channels, radio stations and social media from the definition of “a terror entity” to try and clean up its image for Western media.

According to MEMO, the decision comes after criticism from within the government that including them on the definition could be used to say Egypt violates free speech.

“The law will be promoted abroad as a means of repression if satellite channels are added, and we are not immune to that,” said Atef Nasser of the Future of the Nation Party.

In December Egypt’s House of Representatives approved a draft to amend provisions to a law on terror entities which would expand it to include TV channels, print media, radio stations and social media in or out the country that intend to “harm individuals, terrorise them or endanger their lives, freedoms, rights or security.”

Under the 2015 Terrorist Entities Law, “competent state bodies” can dissolve any entity included on the list, end its operations, close its buildings, ban meetings and membership, freeze property and assets, and temporarily deprive the individual or entity of their political rights.(T/R3/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)