Driving Success of Sustainable Development All; Reflections on the Commemoration of the 78th Independence of the Republic Indonesia

Personal Views of Moehammad Amar Ma’ruf (A Career Diplomat of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia / Alumni Batch 2 PSKTTI, University of Indonesia)

In July 2023, the Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, reminded leaders and the world community about the hottest temperature that occurred in July 2023. That temperature was recorded as the hottest temperature in history. Not far behind, recently the people of the city of Jakarta were reminded by various reports that referred to the research results of an organization producing airborne monitoring technology products about the high level of air pollution in the city of Jakarta. This organization even named the city of Jakarta as the city with the highest pollution level in the world.

Of course, these two warnings have become a concern for stakeholders in the world in general and also in the city of Jakarta and even in Indonesia, especially regarding the impact of burning fossil-based energy. The local government and a group of environmentalists have basically carried out steps to reduce emissions to live a healthier and more fuel-efficient life, especially those from fossil fuels and replace them with more environmentally friendly fuels.

The above warnings have a significant impact considering the issue of sustainable development in a number of meetings has proclaimed that the use of alternative/environmentally friendly energy for countries should have been implemented in accordance with the commitment of the Sustainable Development Goal 2030 with its 17 Goals. According to the International Agenda, the UN will organize the related meeting on September 2023 in New York.

 In terms of category, Indonesia is a developing country which is currently pursuing a target of using environmentally friendly energy of 23% by 2025 and when working with international parties, it is given a target of up to 40% in the national energy use mix which is still largely dependent on fossil energy.

For Indonesia, especially Jakarta, the air condition above is actually also closely related to population growth accompanied by demands for industrialization in and around cities like Jakarta plus changes in land use and forestry functions. This change in function affects the national biodiversity which is recorded in the world as the country with the richest biodiversity.

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Developments in the weather in Indonesia are inseparable from developments in the world’s weather, which for several decades ago have been warned of the impact of population growth and industrialization based on fossil energy. Even a very challenging statement was made by the Secretary General of the United Nations to world leaders at the opening of the 74th meeting (2019) of the UN General Assembly that world leaders have failed to tackle climate change even though the world still has time to change this global effect. And the warning was emphasized again in July 2023, UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, who stated that the World noted that July 2023 was the hottest period in history. This moment makes efforts to maintain the increase in the earth’s temperature at the 1.5 Celsius limit even more challenging, which is very terrible if no real steps are taken regarding adjustments to the management of the fossil fuel industry.

At the same time, the worries of the world community are increasingly heightened by conflicts, both unresolved conflicts after the dissolution of the League of Nations to conflicts that occurred in the 21st century as well as problems of underdevelopment of countries in parts of the world due to poverty, which among others is due to system imbalances of world finance. This has led to abnormal migration and created uncertainty in the supply of food and energy as well as the economic and financial dependence of some countries on the state. Even the world, which is still overshadowed by the threat of a new face pandemic from Covid 19, seems to be a latent threat that accompanies conflicts based on the competition for influence, territory and natural resources.

The situation above is a problem that must be known by all parties and must be addressed properly. Improvements must also be carried out collaboratively among stakeholders both at the multilateral, regional and national and regional levels at all levels. This reform step must be in line and in the same direction for all fulfillment of the rights of all groups which involve various aspects of life in line with their religious and culture values. In order to lead to the right and strong direction, of course, the needs and roles of the community are mostly the attention and priority. Most of the people here are people whose lives really depend on the wisdom of the local nature and marginalized people who are basically the most affected parties and must be a priority for public services.

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This phenomenon is even more real and raises the face of economic downturn. Moreover, more than 40 countries classified as Least Developing Countries/LDCs have been trapped in debt. At a meeting several months ago in Doha (March 2023), UN Secretary General Antonio Gueteress also criticized the world’s rich countries and energy giants for being seen as stifling poor countries with “predatory” interest rates and crippling fuel prices.

The problems above are homework for leaders and citizens of the world to re-arrange their lifestyle, which at first may be far from being friendly to nature and also sustainable energy. The above is also not easy considering the development of the world of information is getting faster and making it easier for people to unilaterally manage the information that exists and is received. This development can also have a negative impact on people’s thinking and lifestyle, if it is not limited by religious, social and observance norms, then it will bring new chaos that is more massive and fast.

The notes above should be a reference for world leaders and world citizens who are also moved to contribute starting from the regional, national and global levels by taking advantage of opportunities in meeting forums, both regional, cross-regional, bilateral, regional and multilateral forums, to equally voice humanitarian interests based on welfare for all people that at least have a global effect (increasing welfare opportunities to various regions and groups/generating social welfare).

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In the context of international relations, the world community is invited to pay attention to various important meetings both in their respective regions and even in the world. So far in the near time, In the context as members of a civilized international community, meetings such as ASEAN Summit, the United Nations (UN) General Assembly Forum,  Sustainable Development Goal Conference in September 2023 or other   fora within the scope of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation/OIC, Group 77, Non-Aligned Movement Group, G20, OECD and Other International Organizations in the Technical Field.  

The participation of all  increasingly important especially for Indonesian since Indonesian people will enter  its 78th the Independence year. The Indonesian people need to be increasingly aware of their work in contributing not only to the country but also to the globe. Even though this age of independence is still relatively young compared to other advanced economic countries, Indonesian with its diversity based on the philosophy of Pancasila on the basis of Belief in One God, Civilized Humanity, Indonesian Unity, Indonesian Unity, Democracy Led by Wisdom in Deliberation of Representatives and Social Justice for All People in Indonesia, must face together and  find solutions to correct deficiencies and contribute on spreading positive values ​​to all corners of the world in line with the fourth paragraph of the 1945 Constitution.

It is hoped that the wider participation of all groups will make all the homework of world leaders and citizens towards the sustainable development agenda lighter and will always provide positive opportunities for the creation of a friendly world for the living things that live in it.

In conclusion, as citizens of the world as well as citizens of Indonesia who will celebrate the 78th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia on August 17, Indonesian citizens wherever they are expected to play a positive role for sustainable development and take sides with all groups according to their capacity. Wallahualam Bi Showab. (AK/RE1/P2)

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