Chinese Ambassador Says Natuna Belongs to Indonesia

Chinese Ambassador to Indonesia, Xiao Qian (source: detik news)

Jakarta, MINA – Chinese Ambassador to Indonesia, Xiao Qian, said Natuna waters are Indonesian property. He made sure the Chinese government would not dispute the fact.

“First, there is no dispute between Indonesia and China over our territory. Natuna belongs to Indonesia. China has never questioned it. China also has its own territorial claims related to the Spratly Islands and Indonesia has never questioned it,” Xiao Qian said in House Representatives Building, Senayan, Jakarta on Friday, thus quoted from detik news.

The affirmation was delivered by Xiao Qian after meeting with Deputy Speaker of the Republic of Indonesia Syarief Hasan. Xiao Qian said that Indonesia and China did have their respective views on these water areas. However, according to him, it was not a problem.

“Between good friends, between siblings, there must be someone who has a different view,” Xiao Qian said.

According to him, it can be discussed through diplomatic channels. Xiao Qian emphasized that Natuna’s problem did not affect Indonesia-China bilateral relations.

It is still about Natuna. Syarief revealed that fishermen from China had crossed Natuna waters some time ago. He said the Chinese fishermen chose to fish in southern China because of the air.

“So they, the air in the northern part was cold, so they could not find fish there. So they moved, so they sometimes entered the area (Natuna),” Syarief said.

The Chinese government, said Syarief, wanted the issue of Natuna waters to be resolved through diplomacy. China also believes that the Natuna problem will not damage China’s relations with Indonesia.

“Hopefully, this (Natuna’s problem) can be resolved through diplomatic channels. Moreover, his foreign minister (Chinese Foreign Minister) will go to Indonesia, will meet important officials in Indonesia, including Menko Polhukam. And he believes that relations between Indonesia and China will be more great again, “he said.

Previously, Ambassador Xiao Qian met with the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Mahfud Md some time ago. Mahfud claimed to convey Indonesia’s attitude about Natuna.

“I spoke with the Chinese Ambassador because later on February 5 or 4 there will be a meeting between high-ranking officials and my colleagues from China want to come here. Regarding Natuna, we say that the government’s position is clear that we will continue to maintain sovereignty and maintain sovereign rights. There are two things. “In ZEE, it’s called sovereign rights. If in our own territory, it is called sovereignty, we will protect both,” Mahfud said. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)