Become A Pious Person

By Bahron Ansori, MINA journalist

Being a pious person is the dream of every Muslim. A pious person is a person who is always oriented towards goodness as determined by Allah Subhanallahu wata’ala. According to M. Quraish Shihab in his book “Insights of the Qur’an” says, the word pious is taken from the root word shaluha which is the opposite of fasid (damaged).

Thus, pious can be interpreted as the absence or cessation of damage (See: Be Excellent, Become a Praised Person, by Ahmad Yani). While good deeds are work which when done does not cause and result in harm (damage) or if the work is carried out, benefits and conformity will be obtained.

According to Muhammad Abduh, a pious person is a person who lives a life that is in accordance with the provisions of Allah Ta’ala and His Messenger, so that it benefits goodness and does not cause damage or harm to himself and others, both in this world and in the hereafter.

Even the prophets want to be pious

Becoming a pious person is the dream of every Muslim. That’s why the prophets wanted him to be a pious person. Among the prophets such as Prophet Sulaiman Alaihi Salam who wanted to be included in the group of pious people. Allah Ta’ala says,

فَتَبَسَّمَ ضَاحِكًا مِّنْ قَوْلِهَا وَقَالَ رَبِّ اَوْزِعْنِيْٓ اَنْ اَشْكُرَ نِعْمَتَكَ الَّتِيْٓ اَنْعَمْتَ عَلَيَّ وَعَلٰى وَالِدَيَّ وَاَنْ اَعْمَلَ صَالِحًا تَرْضٰىهُ وَاَدْخِلْنِيْ بِرَحْمَتِكَ فِيْ عِبَادِكَ الصّٰلِحِيْنَ

“So he (Sulaiman) smiled and laughed because (hearing) the ant’s words. And he prayed, “My Lord, give me inspiration to continue to be grateful for Your favors which You have bestowed on me and on my parents and that I may do good which You please; and enter me by Your mercy into the ranks of Your pious servants.” (Surah An Naml: 19).

Not only Prophet Sulaiman who wanted to be pious, even Prophet Yusuf also really wanted to be included in the group of pious people. As his prayer perpetuated by Allah Ta’ala,

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رَبِّ قَدْ اٰتَيْتَنِيْ مِنَ الْمُلْكِ وَعَلَّمْتَنِيْ مِنْ تَأْوِيْلِ الْاَحَادِيْثِۚ فَاطِرَ السَّمٰوٰتِ وَالْاَرْضِۗ اَنْتَ وَلِيّٖ فِى الدُّنْيَا وَالْاٰخِرَةِۚ تَوَفَّنِيْ مُسْلِمًا وَّاَلْحِقْنِيْ بِالصّٰلِحِيْنَ

“My Lord, indeed You have bestowed upon me some powers and taught me some interpretations of dreams. (O Lord) creator of the heavens and the earth, You are my protector in this world and in the hereafter, leave me in a Muslim state and join me with the pious.” (Surah Yusuf: 101).

Then look at how Prophet Ibrahim Alaihi Salam also really wanted to have a pious child. As stated in the word of Allah Ta’ala,
رَبِّ هَبْ لِيْ مِنَ الصّٰلِحِيْنَ

“O my Lord, bestow upon me (a child) who is among the pious.” (Qs. Ash-Shaaffat: 100).

Such are the noble prophets, they all asked Allah to be included in the group of pious people. This means, being a pious person is a big goal that can be a way of world salvation to the hereafter. So it is not surprising that many parents pray or ask to be prayed for so that their children can become pious people.

If the prophets want and long to be pious, then what about us who are prophets, aren’t we scholars? What about those of us who are still playing with sin every day? Of course, as Muslims who have a good understanding of Islam, we also want to be included and included by Allah in the group of pious people.

The four criteria of a pious person

First, have true faith. True faith is the determining factor that can make a person pious. True faith is the belief that Allah is the only God worthy of worship. True faith is sincere faith and is not mixed with the slightest shirk.

True faith must be manifested in good words and deeds as determined by Allah Ta’ala and exemplified by the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam. Therefore, a person who believes properly, then his faith must be proven by good deeds. Allah Ta’ala says,

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وَالَّذِيْنَ اٰمَنُوْا وَعَمِلُوا الصّٰلِحٰتِ لَنُدْخِلَنَّهُمْ فِى الصّٰلِحِيْنَ

“And those who believe and do their good deeds We will certainly include them among the pious.” (Surah Al Ankabut: 9).

Second, amar ma’ruf and nahyi munkar. Besides having true faith, pious people are also characterized by those who like to do da’wah; invites people to goodness. Allah Ta’ala says,

يُؤْمِنُوْنَ بِاللّٰهِ وَالْيَوْمِ الْاٰخِرِ وَيَأْمُرُوْنَ بِالْمَعْرُوْفِ وَيَنْهَوْنَ عَنِ الْمُنْكَرِ وَيُسَارِعُوْنَ فِى الْخَيْرٰتِۗ وَاُولٰۤىِٕكَ مِنَ الصّٰلِحِيْنَ

“They believe in Allah and the Last Day, enjoin what is right, and forbid what is evil and hasten (do) various virtues. They are pious people.” (Surah Ali Imran: 114).

This is the characteristic of a pious person, he must do amar makruf and nahyi munkar. It means inviting others to be pious as well as himself. From this, it can be seen that Islam teaches its adherents not only to be pious individually but also socially pious.

Third, hasten to do good. The pious person, among the next characteristics, is that he will hasten to do good. He was well aware that the opportunities he had in this world were short-lived. Therefore, when a pious person sees an opportunity to do good in front of his eyes, he will not waste it.

He will not delay the good he is about to do. This is as Allah the Exalted says in His word,

۞ وَسَارِعُوْٓا اِلٰى مَغْفِرَةٍ مِّنْ رَّبِّكُمْ وَجَنَّةٍ عَرْضُهَا السَّمٰوٰتُ وَالْاَرْضُۙ اُعِدَّتْ لِلْمُتَّقِيْنَۙ

“And hasten to seek forgiveness from your Lord and find Paradise as wide as the heavens and the earth, which is reserved for those who are pious.” (Surah Ali Imran: 133)

The Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wasallam has also reminded his people that if you want to do good, hasten to do it, because a person never knows whether he will still have a chance at another time.

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Moreover, in this life there is a lot of slander. The Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wasallam said, “Hasten to do good deeds (before the arrival) of slander like pieces of dark nights, people become believers in the morning and in the evening become disbelievers, one of them sells his religion for a little worldly treasure. ” (Narrated by Ahmad, Muslim and Tirmidhi).

That is why it is very important for a Muslim to always remember death which may come suddenly. Therefore, do not delay to do good. There is a lot of evidence that humans died suddenly. Of course it will be a problem if you die suddenly without being accompanied by a lot of good deeds. Regarding this sudden death, the Prophet sallallaahu ‘alaihi wasallam said, “Sudden death is a pleasure for the believer and regret for the disobedient.” (HR. Ahmad).

Fourth, obey Allah and the Messenger. A pious person will always try to obey Allah and His Messenger, without much consideration. Because obedience to both is a logical consequence that must be carried out by every Muslim.

When a Muslim is able to obey Allah and His Messenger consistently, then he will later be included in the group of people who were with the Prophet, honest people, martyrs and pious people. This is as alluded to by Allah the Exalted in His words,

وَمَنْ يُّطِعِ اللّٰهَ وَالرَّسُوْلَ فَاُولٰۤىِٕكَ مَعَ الَّذِيْنَ اَنْعَمَ اللّٰهُ عَلَيْهِمْ مِّنَ النَّبِيّٖنَ وَالصِّدِّيْقِيْنَ وَالشُّهَدَاۤءِ وَالصّٰلِحِيْنَ ۚ وَحَسُنَ اُولٰۤىِٕكَ رَفِيْقًا

“And whoever obeys Allah and the Messenger (Muhammad), then they will be with those whom Allah has given favors, (namely) the prophets, the lovers of truth, the martyrs and the pious. They are the best of friends.” (Surah An Nisa: 69).

Being a pious person is a must for every Muslim individual and family. Because by being pious, a servant will get happiness in this world and salvation in the hereafter, wallahua’lam. (T/RE1)

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