A Pious Person Is Always Careful in Acting

By: Ustadz Agus Sudarmaji, , Amir of the Assembly of Kuttab Jamaah Muslimin (Hizbullah)

A pious person is a person who is always careful in his actions. A pious person is not reckless in his actions.

Among the definitions of piety as mentioned by the companions of Propeth Muhammad Shalallahu alaihi wasallam is caution.

It is told about a friend of Abu Bakr who is known as one of the friends who is very careful, one day his assistant serves food. Abu Bakr had time to eat the dish, but then asked his maid where it came from.

His maid told him that before he converted to Islam, he had been a shaman and was visited by many patients and received wages. Some of the patients were in debt to pay wages, recently met and paid wages which were then used to buy the food served.

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As soon as he heard the narrative of his aide, Abu Bakr immediately put his finger down his throat and vomited the food.

Abu Bakr did this because he did not want any food that was not clearly halal to enter his body. What Abu Bakr did was also told to Prophet Muhammad Shalallahu alaihi wassalam, who then explained that any meat that grows from eating that is forbidden will be burned in hell.

The problem of understanding piety was also mentioned when Umar bin Khatab asked Ubay bin Ka’ab. “O Ubay bin Ka’ab, what is piety…?” Ubay bin Ka’ab replied, “O Amirul Mukminin, what if you walk on a path that has many thorns…?” Umar replied, “Yes, be careful not to be hit by the thorns.” “Yes, that is piety,” said Ubay bin Ka’ab.

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Agus conveyed, every human action or deed is all recorded, the traces are not lost, all are recorded, and will be accounted for before Allah, so be careful.

As exemplified by Abu Bakr, we should always check every meal we will consume. As with food, before consuming it, it is best to check its composition first, whether there are any unclean elements in the food.

“Especially for food that does not have a halal label or guarantee from an official institution,” Agus warned.

He added, not only food, but every action and deed should always be careful, not to do something that is forbidden.

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As reminded by Allah in Surat Ali Imron verse 102, to fear Allah with true piety and do not die except in a state of submission. (T/RE1)

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