Doing Pious Consistently is the Mindset of Believers

Ustadz Amin Nuroni, S. Sos. in front of dozens of Tabligh Akbar congregation at the At-Taqwa Mosque in Tebing village, Melinting, East Lampung, Sunday (5/5). Photo by: Iwan Abdurahman (MINA SUMATERA BUREAU).

East Lampung, MINA – “Automatically, charity (pious) activities are a mindset formed by believers,” this was conveyed by Lampung cleric Ustadz Amin Nuroni in front of dozens of Tabligh Akbar congregation at the At-Taqwa Mosque in Tebing village, Melinting, East Lampung on Sunday.

Amin said, continuous charitable activities will strengthen the faith in our hearts. This will be a provision for life in the afterlife.

“Where later, on the day of vengeance, Allah will send an angel to look for his servants who have faith in their hearts, look for servants who believe even if it is a piece of zarrah, then put them in heaven,” he said while quoting verses and hadith.

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“Some people will enter heaven for a short time, some will take a long time, depending on the faith and fate of each human being,” he added.

Ustadz Amin related it to the habits of Muslims at the end of the era who usually like minimalism, “Doing charity is lazy but wants maximum heaven. “We want to do what is halal and what is haram. But we don’t want to go to hell,” he quipped, followed by laughter from the rest of the congregation.

Amin tells the example of Abu Lahab, who was the Prophet’s uncle, lived in the Prophet’s neighborhood, and Abu Lahab was not just anyone, but he did not get the pleasure of guidance in the form of faith.

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“Just compare it with those of us who are not descendants of the Prophet, do not live side by side with the Prophet, who still have a lot of problems in worship. But Allah gives us the guidance of faith, aren’t we given a better rank than Abu Lahab?” he said with great emphasis.

Don’t let our faith fluctuate like a signal, sometimes it’s there, sometimes it’s not. Faith can go up and down, high and low, but we should never use it as an excuse.

“For example, we are asked, why don’t you pray? “Oh, it’s normal for faith to be unstable,” you know, that’s a big mistake! Don’t let ourselves postulate with an unstable state of faith. “We strive to continue to improve the quality of our faith,” he stressed.

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Amin also added, faith is fortified, don’t let the time come when we face Allah in a state where our faith has decreased, nauzubillahi min dzalik. (T/RE1/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)