AWG Holds ‘Big Ride For Palestine’ Flying the Palestinian Flag

Bogor, MINA – In celebration of the 2023 Palestine Solidarity Month (BSP), in November, the Palestinian Institute Aqsa Working Group (AWG) held a “Big Ride For Palestine” on the Puncak Bogor Paragliding area route, flying the Palestinian flag.

This was conveyed by the Chairman of the AWG for the Cileungsi region, Nasrullah to MINA on Thursday. “This Big Ride For Palestine activity is a form of our concern for the struggle of the Palestinian people against the Israeli Zionist occupation,” said Nasrullah.

He also explained that the Big Ride For Palestine route is from the At-Taqwa Mosque, Al-Fatah Islamic Boarding School Pasirangin Cileungsi, Citeureup Market, Check Point 1 Pekansari Stadium, Bogor Regency, Bogor City, Check Point II Lower Gadog Gas Station, Finish Paragliding area Puncak Bogor.

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“In the Big Ride For Palestine activity, the committee prepared small Palestinian flags to be flown on the motorbikes of the riders, we prepared lunch and mineral water for each trip,” he added.

Trustee of the Al-Fatah Cileungsi Islamic Boarding School Muhammad Tobri released the motorbike convoy witnessed by Pasirangin residents, there will also be a flag raising at the location to climb Paragliding Peak. This event is free to the general public.

“We hope that the public can participate in the Big Ride For Palestine activities to increase our awareness of the Palestinian people’s struggle to gain independence from Israeli colonial occupation,” said Nasrullah.

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The Big Ride For Palestine activity is a form of Muslim concern for Palestine in collaboration with Cileungsi Bersatu, Bogor Tiger Club, Syubban Markaz Cileungsi, UAR Humanitarian Volunteers, the event was escorted by the local police. (T/RE1/P2)

MI’raj News Agency (MINA)