As 21 People Died by Snowfall in Kashmir

Snowfall (source: special)

Kashmir, MINA – As 21 people were reported dead and 17 others injured due to snowfall in a village in Kashmir managed by Pakistan since Monday.

Meanwhile, the evacuation process has continued in the Neelam Valley area since Monday night to find 10 people who are still missing.

“The Evacuation was slightly hampered by heavy rains and snow. The disaster has devastated a number of homes,” Azad Kashmir Disaster Management Authority said on Tuesday, as quoted by Anadolu Agency (AA).

In addition, Dawn News said in other parts of the country, as many as 36 people died and dozens injured due to incidents related to rain and land and snow avalanches in the past four days.


However, official government data states that the total casualties are 27 people.

The northern and northwestern regions of Pakistan face extremely cold temperatures up to -20 degrees Celsius.

Pakistan Meteorological Agency estimates that rain and snow will continue to fall over the next few days. (T/RE1/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)