Arafat Sermon: Adversities Faced in This Life Open Various Gates to Obeying Allah

Sheikh Abdullah bin Suleiman Al-Manea, Member of the Council of Senior Scholars and Advisor at the Royal Court during Arafat Sermon on Thursday. (Photo:

Makkah, MINA – Sheikh Abdullah bin Suleiman Al-Manea, Member of the Council of Senior Scholars and Advisor at the Royal Court reaffirmed during Araft sermon today, which represents the peak of the annual Hajj season.

“All praise is due to God, the Continually Pardoning, Continually Forgiving, and the Almighty who overpowers all else. He decrees events of many types so that the righteous may be distinguished from the impious,” Al-Manea said during the sermon as quoted by

Al-Manea noted that adversities of this world serve as a test for people, and allow those who persevere to be distinguished from those who are impatient. However, no matter how difficult circumstances may become in this world, those difficulties do not last forever.

Al-Manea added that Adversities faced in this life open various gates to obeying God, by hoping to attain His reward for taking measures to prevent harms before they may occur, as well as for striving to remove them after they have set in.”

“Islam’s teachings encourage earnings, promote productivity, urge doing work, and support commerce. Islam prescribes various directives include those pertaining to governance and security too,” he said.

Al-Manea added: “Islam’s teachings seek to ensure people’s health and physical well-being, and that includes its directives to maintain the cleanliness of oneself and to keep the environment clean. Islam’s directives permit wholesome foods, and prohibit harmful ones. In addition, Islam’s teachings prescribe measures to protect communities against the spread of epidemics.

Sheikh Al-Manea expressed gratitude to all Muslims for their positive response to comply with the precautionary regulations that were implemented in Makkah and al-Madeenah to protect people from the potential effects of the current pandemic.

Sheikh Al-Manea extended his warm gratitude to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salmaan ibn ‘Abdil-‘Azeez, as well as his Crown Prince, Muhammad ibn Salmaan, and all individuals of the nation’s leadership and government for the efforts they expend to serve and protect the Two Holy Mosques. “O Allaah, bless their efforts,” he said. (R/R6/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)