15 Indonesian Companies Dominate the Top 30 OIC Halal Products Companies 2023

Jakarta, MINA – A total of 15 Indonesian halal product companies dominate the Top 30 OIC Halal Products Companies 2023.

This achievement was released by Salaam Gateway in collaboration with DinarStandard on November 30 2023. The release of the Top 30 OIC Halal Products Companies 2023 was carried out based on membership of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) or Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC). Of the Top 30, 15 companies come from Indonesia.

“On behalf of the BPJPH Ministry of Religion, I am grateful and appreciate the achievements of the 15 Indonesian halal product companies that entered and dominated half of the Top 30 OIC Halal Products Companies 2023.” said the Head of the Halal Product Guarantee Organizing Agency (BPJPH), Muhammad Aqil Irham, in Jakarta on Monday.

“This achievement is a proud achievement from our ongoing efforts to strengthen the halal ecosystem,” he continued.

Quoted from the Salaam Gateway page, the Top 30 OIC Halal Products Companies 2023 ranking features the main countries in Southeast Asia, South Asia and the Gulf Region (GCC).

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The companies were assessed based on their intra-OIC exports and halal market initiatives. The Top 30 OIC Halal Products Companies 2023 displays a combination of 30 companies that have dominated the domestic market and are well positioned to champion halal market strategies.

Of the 30 companies, 15 are halal food producers, 10 operate in the pharmaceutical sector, and 5 operate in the cosmetics sector. Of the 30 companies, half (15 companies) are Indonesian companies. Malaysia is second with five companies, followed by Saudi Arabia (four), Pakistan (two), UAE (two), Bangladesh (one) and Brunei (one).

The Salaam Gateway report also states that halal product companies in Southeast Asia hold the highest positions on the list. Because their products have been used by a large Muslim population.

This also shows an increase in consumer awareness of halal, regional trade relations and regulations that are conducive to supervising the local halal industry.

The Salaam Gateway and DinarStandard reports also confirm that government regulations (related to Halal Product Guarantee) which support halal certification of food, medicine and cosmetic products, have had a positive impact on halal product companies, encouraging them to serve the 240 million Muslims as product consumers. halal.

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“This achievement of Indonesian halal products is in line and simultaneous with the significant increase in the number of halal certified products, especially in the last 2 years. “This proves that Indonesia’s dominance in achieving the Top 30 OIC Halal Products Companies 2023 cannot be separated from the halal certification acceleration program that has been continuously rolled out by the Indonesian government,” said Aqil.

“We are certainly very grateful for this achievement. However, to make Indonesia a global halal hub, there is still a lot to be done. “Especially in strengthening the halal ecosystem and accelerating halal product certification, including micro and small business products,” he continued.

Strengthening the domestic halal industrial ecosystem, he continued, must also continue to be carried out consistently and collaboratively involving various parties. The aim is that Indonesian halal products are not only able to meet the needs of domestic halal products, but are also able to compete in the global market and increase the export value of Indonesian halal products abroad.

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“One thing we have to pay attention to is that even though the OIC market represents the majority of the consumer market for halal food, medicines and cosmetics with a value of 1.595 trillion USD, the latest DinarStandard data shows that non-OIC countries continue to dominate exports of halal products to OIC countries. ,” explained Aqil.

“Of course, this is an encouraging achievement for all of us, as a step forward towards Indonesia becoming the center for the world’s largest producer of halal products in 2024,” said Aqil.

“This is also an example for companies that have not yet been halal certified to immediately process halal certification. “It will also be a trigger for all parties in efforts to accelerate halal certification and strengthen our halal ecosystem, including micro and small business actors to guarantee halal products from upstream to downstream,” he added. (T/RE1/P2)

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