Global Halal Product and Tourism Sector Market Reaches $5 Trillion

Gaza, MINA – Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the global market for halal products and services prepared in accordance with Muslim guidelines has grown by more than $5 trillion, with significance in sectors such as food, tourism, cosmetics, and finance.

“Demand for halal certified products and services is increasing because these products are clean and healthy and are liked by Muslims. “Today, the world halal market has reached a total of more than $5 trillion, especially in sectors such as food, tourism, cosmetics and finance,” Erdogan said in a video message sent to the 9th and 10th World Halal Summits, Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OKI) Halal Exhibition 2023 in Istanbul on Saturday.


Erdogan added, considering that this figure continues to increase every day in line with emerging needs and expectations.

“Documentation and standardization are essential to ensure consumer access to halal-certified products and services and to facilitate the circulation of halal products and services in international trade,” Erdogan said.

He ensured that food security was of strategic importance considering Russia’s war against Ukraine.

“I am confident that the Halal Summit, which will host nearly 40,000 guests, including 10,000 foreign visitors, will strengthen the food security of Islamic countries,” he added.

Erdogan said the activities of the Standards and Metrology Institute of Islamic Countries (SMIIC), which started operations in 2010, were very important in this regard.

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He invited all member countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to join the institution to help avoid conflict, disputes and insecurity in halal certification.

Underlining that Turkey is paying attention to this issue by introducing the Halal Accreditation Agency (HAK), he said they will ensure that the halal sector reaches the position it deserves in the country.(T/RE1/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)