We Are Ready to Risk Our Lives on Freedom Flotilla to Gaza: Sarah Wilkinson

Sarah Wilkinson when interviewed by MINA in Istanbul, Saturday (20/4l2024). (Photo: Nurhadis/MINA)

Istanbul, MINA – “We are ready to risk our lives in this Freedom Flotilla mission, and it will inspire and increase awareness of the world community regarding the mission to open the Gaza blockade,” said UK influencer, Sarah Wilkinson said when was interviewed by MINA journalist, Nurhadis in Istanbul, Turkiye on Saturday local time.

Sarah further emphasized the importance of the mission to penetrate the Gaza blockade to bring this aid because Gaza residents need a large supply of food.

“I think it is very important to send food aid into Gaza, especially at this time because airdrops are not enough (to meet the food needs) of the people in Gaza,” she said.

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“This (Freedom Flotilla) is also to show the world that we are ready to continue trying to get food aid and medical supplies, especially ambulances and fire engines, into Gaza now,” she added.

According to Sarah, Gaza is a place where Israel is forcing starvation on Gaza residents without any remaining, not only in Rafah, Deirbalah, but also North Gaza.

“We found children who were starving to death. Sending food aid to Gaza through the Freedom Flotilla will not solve the problem of hunger, but at least it will alleviate it and will inspire other countries to participate,” she said.

Sarah does not deny the possibility that this aid will not reach Gaza, but Sarah remains optimistic that this mission must continue.

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“We may not be able to reach Gaza. “This aid may never get there but the bottom line is this is not a failed mission,” she said.

“If we can’t reach Gaza as far as possible, we can spread the news as far as possible, people will see that we are ready to do it and that will inspire everyone and will raise awareness of other people to join other countries to take part in the delivery mission this food aid,” she said.

Sarah also emphasized the need for missions like this to continue no matter what.

“We really need everyone to support us, I want you all to follow, watch our location, follow the radar, look at the maps, and I will tweet, post everything,” she said.

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Apart from that, Sarah invited the world community to contact parliament and the leaders of their respective countries to continue talking about the Freedom Flotilla so that its goals can be achieved. (T/RE1/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)