Video: Israeli Guards and Jewish Settlers Cooperate in Attacks in the West Bank

Ramallah, MINA – An Israeli rights group released a video on Friday, showing an Israeli security guard and a Jewish settler uniting during an attack on Palestinian farmers in the occupied West Bank.

The video also shows Jewish settlers throwing gas grenades after guards showed him where to aim, The New Arab reported.

The video was published by rights group Yesh Din. The video was filmed during confrontations between masked Jewish settlers and Palestinians in the northern West Bank, an area that has seen unrest in recent months over Israeli military strikes and Palestinian shooting attacks.

Critics have long accused the Israeli military and defense agencies of having close ties to the settlers. The Ministry of Defense pays the salaries of settlement guards and many high-ranking commanders live in the settlements.

Soldiers are often seen standing still when settlers attack Palestinians or their property. This week, Jewish settlers on a rampage in the northern West Bank pepper-sprayed some of the Israeli soldiers who tried to disperse them.

“We are used to seeing the army do nothing to stop the settlers, but in recent years we have seen active cooperation between them,” said Ziv Stahl, Executive Director of Yesh Din.

In the video, a settler can be seen walking down a hilltop and handing what Yesh Din said were two gas grenades to security personnel.

The guard is then seen handing back a grenade to the settlers then pointing at what appear to be Palestinians, who are off the screen. The settler then threw a grenade at it. The guard again pointed and the settler threw a second grenade. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)