The Rewards of Memorizing Al-Quran

By Dr. KH Syamsul Yakin MA

There is stretching in the middle-class urban Muslims to make their children memorize Al-Quran.

The indication, they prefer schools that have a Al-Quran Memorizer (tahfizh) program ranging from elementary to secondary schools. Even more students in the Islamic boarding school tahfizh who come from middle-class families, socially and economically.

This good precedent is in tune with the Prophet’s words about the reward of those who memorize the Quran, “People who read and memorize the Qur’an, he is with the noble angels. While the person who reads the Quran, then he tries to memorize it, and it is a burden to him, then he gets two rewards (Narrated by Bukhari).

Theologically, anyone who has a strong will to memorize the Qur’an gets guaranteed ease from Allah SWT. Because the Quran is revealed with a composition of words, sentences, and phrases that are easy to memorize.

Allah SWT said, “We are indeed the one who sent down the Quran and surely we (also) who maintain it.” (Surah al-Hijr/15: 9)

According to the author of Tafsir Jalalain, Allah SWT preserves the Qur’an from people who want to make replacements, changes, additions, and subtractions.

It prove every time there is a print error, whether intentional or not, quickly the error can be known and corrected. Although the error is only one word or even one letter.

All these are thanks to the memorizers of the Quran. In praxis, to check the printing error of the Quran, one of which is confirmed to the memorizer of the Quran. Not with other manuscripts that are considered valid prints. That is why the above verse uses the word “We”. It means that the Quran is preserved by Allah, angels, and memorizers of the Qur’an.

Functionally, it is appropriate that the memorizers of the Quran abound later in the hereafter.

The Prophet SAW promised, “The Quran memorizer will come later, while the Quran says to him,” O Lord, put on him a new and nice clothe. Furthermore, the memorizer of the Quran was given a crown of honor. ” (HR. Turmudzi).

The reward for memorizing the Quran is not only given to those who are able to memorize one Quranic Manuscripts consisting of 30 chapters, 114 surahs, and 6,666 verses. But Allah SWT also rewards anyone who is able to memorize only one surah or even less. Because the calculation of the reward for memorizing the Quran is verse by verse.

The Prophet SAW gave glad tidings about this, “It is said to those who read (meaning memorize) the Quran later,” Read and ascend and tartillah as you are in the world of his minister. Because your position is at the end of the verse you read (memorized). ” (Narrated by Abu Daud). This hadith motivates us to increase memorization.

From this information it can be seen that the most important thing is not the amount of memorization that has been achieved. But how closely the Quran is made as a daily friend. The friends of the Quran are people who read, memorize, and practice it. The friends of the Quran are also referred to as the family of Allah SWT.

The Prophet SAW said, “Verily, Allah has a family made up of humans …”. Then Anas asked, “Who are they, O Messenger of Allah?” The Prophet answered, “That is the Quran expert (one who reads, memorizes, and practices it). They are the family of God and special people to God. ” (HR. Ahmad).

There is one more good news. Namely, about the story of the Prophet SAW about parents who get the reward to memorize the Quran, “Why were we given this kind of clothes?” Then it was said to untuke world.” (HR. Ahmad). (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)