BBC Radio Broadcasts Murrotal Al-Quran and Hadiths

London, MINA – British Broadcasting Company (BBC) broadcasts murrotal or reading verses from the Al-Quran and prophetic translated into English on their 14 local radio stations.

The broadcast is carried out during the Fajr Prayer. This is a concern of the British Government in dealing with the effects of coronavirus, including closing mosques and houses of worship of other religions.

BBC Local Radio Service Director, Chris Burns, said, “We just want to embrace all elements of society. Hopefully, British Muslims can feel that they are part of us, especially in times of isolation like this”. Thus quoted from Suara Palestina News Agency on Sunday.

Despite it criticizes from several parties. Harry Farley, a journalist who served on BBC Radio 4 in his Twitter post, said the decision is fair enough.

“For those who protest and doubt the latest policy, I just want to remind you that every Sunday at 8:00 in the morning we always broadcast Christian worship rituals on all local BBC radio stations, amounting to 39 stations,” he stressed.

Meanwhile, the British Government believes it will go through a difficult phase of the coronavirus or Covid-19 outbreak, if citizens obey any instructions.

The number of Covid-19 cases in the UK is currently 33,718 people, 2,921 of them have been declared dead. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)