The Health Key of Propeth Muhammad

One of the gifts of Allah Almighty which is often ignored and neglected by humans in this life is health favors. As said in a hadith of the Prophet Muhammad: “There are two favors that are often neglected by humans, namely healthy favors and opportunities.”

In fact, health is a crown that cannot be felt except for those who are sick. Dr. Husain Haikal in his book, Hayatu Muhammad, explained the Prophet Muhammad during his life, which is 63 years, only twice experienced pain, namely when he returned from the pilgrimage of the tomb of the hero at Baqi ‘and when he was difficult to sleep and hot fever several days before his death.

Then, the question arises, why is the Prophet Muhammad always healthy?

First, he always woke up at dawn. Throughout the history of his life for 23 years he became a Prophet, only one time Propeth Muhammad did not wake up at dawn. That was because he might have been too tired on his da’wah journey and slept late at night.

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The Prophet Muhammad always woke up when “dawn”. The dawn time is certainly not the same as the “morning” time.

Morning time is the time after sunrise, approximately 07.00. Meanwhile, the dawn is after dawn and before sunrise, as mentioned in the Quran, Surah At Takwir verse verse 18. It means: “For the time of dawn when the dawn broke.”

Allah’s Oath with that time to attract the attention of humans, especially people who believe in Him, of the importance of that time for physical and mental health. The dawn air is very fresh and contains a lot of acid which is very necessary for human breathing.

No wonder people who like to wake up at dawn and always breathe dawn air are hard to catch lung disease. Their breathing are regular and lungs become strong. Not only wake up great for physical health, but also for our spiritual health.

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The second factor, he always maintains cleanliness. Since childhood the Prophet loved cleanliness even though his country lacked water. When appointed as an apostle, his greater attention to cleanliness. He said: “Cleanliness is part of faith.” So, who does not like to maintain cleanliness, stained some of his faith.

The third factor that causes the Prophet to always be healthy is that he always eats modestly. Propeth Muhammad said: “We are a people who never eat before we are hungry, and when we eat never get full.”

Eating is indeed a requirement for life. If we don’t eat on time, the burning substances in the body lack fuel which results in combustion not happening. If burning does not occur, body heat is reduced and blood can no longer be organized.

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So, eating is necessary for life. However, humans do not live to eat. Humans who live only to eat degenerate into animal value. It is exactly what was said by one of the companions of Prophet Muhammad as well as his son-in-law, namely ‘Ali bin Abi Talib:” A person who lives only to fill his stomach is the same value as what comes out of his stomach”.

The last factor is because he walks a lot. In preaching from one place to another, Propeth Muhammad always walks because there were no vehicles like now.

Health experts state that walking is a very important and healthy exercise.
With walking, breathing is more regular, the veins will always be moved, the lungs will be strong, and the blood will be clean. (AT/RE1)

Source: Harian Republika

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)