Seventh Day of Israeli Aggression in Gaza: 188 Martyr and 1,200 Injured

photo: Al Jazeera

Gaza, MINA – The number of victims of the Israeli occupation’s aggression in Gaza on the seventh day on Sunday increased to 188 martyrs, including 55 children and 33 women, according to Al Jazeera on Sunday.

Meanwhile, more than 1,200 others were injured with various conditions. According to medical data in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli forces continue to increase their aggression against the Gaza Strip, starting from residents’ homes, government buildings, to public facilities.

“They continue to carry out bombings by air, sea and land. Meanwhile, the Palestinian resistance bravely responded to Zionist aggression and rained hundreds of rockets at the heart of Israel, ”said the information quoted from the Palestine Information Center (Palinfo).

In this aggression that has lasted until the seventh day, the Zionist occupation’s air raids have destroyed dozens of residential homes, some of which were destroyed along with their occupants, wiped out entire families, and targeted infrastructure in the middle of cities and densely populated settlements, as well as agricultural land.

In addition, the Israeli attacks also targeted government installations and resistance faction posts.

Zionist occupation planes and their warships continue to launch intensive attacks on targets in the Gaza Strip, leaving hundreds of people dead and injured, in addition to widespread destruction. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA).