Seven Things We Can Do for Palestine

Shamsi Ali, President of the Nusantara Foundation, New York, United States. (Photo: Personal Doc)

By: Shamsi Ali, President of the Nusantara Foundation, New York, United States

The situation is getting worse and worse for our brothers and sisters in Gaza and Palestine in general. More than two million Gaza residents these days do not drink, eat and have no access to electricity. Even though they are militant and have high spirits, they are human beings who definitely have limitations.

Not to mention the indiscriminate bombing, even openly targeting residential areas, hospitals and even places of worship (mosques and churches). Of course with the old song: “civilians are used as shields by them”. Even churches and hospitals were accused of being Hamas hideouts and had to be destroyed.

Meanwhile, food and medicine assistance for tens of thousands of residents and children is still limited. The roads entering Gaza from Rafah were all destroyed by Israeli missiles. So it needs to be fixed before allowing humanitarian aid to enter Gaza.

In the next few days it is expected that there will be a ground attack from Israeli troops. This plan will definitely cost a lot of lives. Moreover, currently Israel’s military facilities are becoming stronger with American military assistance.

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In conclusion, the situation is getting more tense and worse. Only Allah can lean on and ask for help. Of course, this means that we all have to act to our own capacity. Being silent and not doing something is part of injustice and crime (complicit).

Here are seven things you can do to help Palestine:

One, continue to increase the sense of solidarity and spirit of support. Never fade, let alone give up. There are efforts to make this people break their sense of solidarity with the Palestinian people. One of the current propaganda is to make ISIS Hamas. So supporting Palestine means supporting Hamas. And supporting Hamas means supporting terrorists.

Two, continue to increase your understanding of conflict and educate the people around you about this conflict. The biggest battle is the battle of image and perception. And the media has narrative power to determine the images and perceptions that are built. Therefore, educate yourself and the people around you about the nature of this conflict.

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Three, continue to exert “public pressure” on the government to take a fair policy path. Palestine does not need anyone’s support. What is desired is only an attitude of fairness and fairness. Governments, especially in the Western world, are very partisan, even displaying policies that disgrace common sense. You have the right to pressure the government because it is a democratic right.

Four, continue to build relationships (network building) with everyone who has the same views (like minded). There are still many brothers and friends around us who have a conscience and common sense. Even from among the Jewish community. Our world is an interconnected world. We need to build networks and collaboration.

Five, continue to stick to your position. In favor of truth and justice. There is too much pressure now from certain parties to make you abandon your conscience and common sense. By all means you are invited to join the injustice against those who are mustadh’afina, the Palestinian people. We need to be steadfast in the path of truth and justice.

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Six, continue to try to help through humanitarian channels. It’s the time for jihad bil maal through credible and trusted organizations. One dollar for those of you in the United States is nothing. But for our brothers in Palestine, especially Gaza, it is life. Keep doing good.

Seven, keep praying and stay optimistic. If we only calculate our strength using our rational calculations, there will definitely be no hope of winning. But our perspective is not an ordinary perspective. There is an extraordinary perspective. With prayer and optimism, the power of heaven will never end in defeat. Prayers that are sincere and full of faith will definitely be answered.

May Allah make it easier, strengthen and give “nushroh” to our brothers and sisters in Palestine. “Indeed, Allah never breaks a promise.” God willing! (T/RE1/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)