The Wisdom of Al-Kahf & Slander of Life- 03 (By: Shamsi Ali)

By: Imam Shamsi Ali, President of Nusantara Foundation

In the last section it was stated that slander or the first test of life is slander or a test in religion. Slander or tests in religion are not only the first test. In fact, at the same time it is the basis of various other tests of life. When religious life is shaken, all foundations of human life are shaken.

We can see this in the second part of the slander or test mentioned in Al-Kahf. That is the story of two men who have a garden (jannah). The first man had a garden that was wider, more fertile, and produced more. The second man has a small garden, less fertile and produce mediocre.

The problem then is not big or small, fertile arid or many and few results. Because things like this are common in every business and even in life in general.

The problem lies in how each owner of the garden responds to the qadar (division) that Allah has ordained for him. The rich apparently responded with kufr. Not only that he became arrogant and felt more (aktsaru). Even feel able to control the situation so that the plants will not be damaged or reduced. Furthermore, even his world makes him deny the hereafter (maa azhunus sa’ata qaaimah).

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While the second man responds to Allah’s favor (the garden) with gratitude. Even reminded the kufr man earlier to be aware. But in reality the rich man refused and even boasted because of the excess wealth he had.

The story of the owner of the garden in Surah Al-Kahf reminds us of the enormity of slander or the trials of the world. That often the world that should be a way of worship (serving) to God actually derails. The supernatural world makes humans forget or neglect the real reality of life.

That is why in the Quran one of the words that is synonymous with the world is “lahwun”. From the word “lahaa-yalhu-lahwun-wa laahiyah” which means to forget. The world by its nature makes those who hunt it forget about many of the basic things of life.

Humans forget their nature and therefore forget God, when God has been forgotten then man will forget about himself. “Nasullaha fa ansahum anfusahum” (they forgot Allah so Allah made them forget themselves).

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When humans forget about themselves, humans will do things in life that are often no longer in line with their nature (his nature). They will even do things that, apart from being against their human nature, also bring harm to themselves.

In addition to behaving unnaturally and even leading to something “self-destructive” (self-destructive). Furthermore, even this world will make him forget the most real reality. That is the end of this temporary life which is marked by the separation of the soul and body. This event is called death. A most certain fact. But many people just forget or are made forgotten by the world.

Responding to this reality, the Quran offers a solution. One of them with the concept of dhikr. Concepts that are also often misunderstood or limited by humans. As if dhikr is just a ritual practice to collect rewards. Though dhikr is intended to bring full awareness of the reality of life.

Dhikr makes awareness about Allah, about oneself, about the nature of life, and of course about the vision and orientation of life. People who have dhikr have a living consciousness. So that his life does not become an empty journey as if it has no meaning and purpose.

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That is what the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) meant when he said: “The example of those who remember their Lord and those who do not remember their Lord is like the living and the dead”.

With dhikr humans live with
Awareness. But human dhikr may come alive but not with awareness. Loss of consciousness in life is actually death.

Therefore seek this world. Build this world. But everything must be accompanied by dhikr (consciousness). As in Surah Al-Jumu’ah Allah warns: “And when the prayer has been performed, then you will be scattered on this earth and seek the virtue of Allah and remember Allah a lot. Hopefully you can be successful” (Al-Jumu’ah: 10).

This is the second slander delivered by Surah Al-Kahf. That is slander or the test of the world that can derail and destroy human life May Allah protect us. Amen! (T/RE1)

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