Arab Foreign Ministers to Hold Emergency Meeting on Saturday Concerning Jerusalem

A general view of Arab League’s permanent representatives meeting.

Cairo, MINA – Foreign Ministers of the Arab League will, on Saturday, hold an emergency meeting on Jerusalem.

The meeting was requested by Palestine and Jordan, with the support of Morocco, as a result of the US President’s forthcoming announcement regarding the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

According to a memorandum presented by the State of Palestine representatives, the meeting covers the Arab nations’ considerations and actions as a result of this possible change in US policy position that affects the legal and historical status of Jerusalem.

The Palestinian memorandum confirmed that this forthcoming declaration is a flagrant violation of international law, relevant UN Security Council resolutions and the Fourth Geneva Convention.

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Muslim Council of Elders warns of consequences of transferring US Embassy to Jerusalem

From Abu Dhabi, WAM reported that The Muslim Council of Elders, chaired by the Grand Imam of Al Azhar Dr. Ahmed Al Tayyeb, has warned of the consequences of the US President’s decision to move the US embassy to occupied Jerusalem.

In its statement Wednesday, the Council said that everyone had hoped that the US would fulfil its role and grant the appropriate rights to the true owners of the disputed territories.

The council added that it will hold the US fully responsible for the consequences of its hasty and erroneous decision to transfer its embassy to the Arab City of Jerusalem, a provocative step for over 1.8 billion Muslims around the world.

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While voicing its complete rejection of the move, the Council stressed that at a time when the world’s intelligentsia is urging for more efforts towards fighting terrorism in all its destructive forms, there are some who are adding fuel to fire, giving terrorists further ground to wreak more havoc, and trigger more destructions and killings around the world. (T/RS5/RS1)

Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA)