Prophet Muhammad Never Scolded His Debate Opponents

Debate is a thing that we often encounter in everyday life. Because the differences and disputes will indeed continue to occur. Nevertheless, as a Muslim you should continue to maintain ihsan.

As in the word of Lord explained: “And deny them in a good way.” (Surat an Nahl: 125)

Let us learn from the story of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) how he dialogue. Amru Khalid tells it in the book “Semulia Akhlak Nabi”.

Utbah bin Rabi’ah came to the Prophet Muhammad. At that time, he was still living in Mecca when the mulsimin received various severe tortures.

Utbah came to persuade the Prophet by offering a wealth so that he would leave his preaching.

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In addition, he also offered wifes, position and personal physician in anticipation of his mental illness. All of that was done by Utbah so that the Prophet wanted to leave his preaching.

Then, the Prophet peacefully answered. “I will listen to what you say, O Abu al-Walid.”

Then, Utbah continued speaking. After finishing speaking, the Prophet spoke up. “Are you finished speaking, O Abu al-Walid?” He asked politely.

The hadith is narrated Al-Hindi no 35428 and as-Suyuthi in ad-Dur al-Manstsur V/358.

How calm and courteous he was when he faced his interlaced opponents. In fact, what Utbah bin Rabi’ah said at that time was a slur and an insult. However, look at the Prophet who he listened to everything that Utbah said.


If we are in the position of the Prophet, will we be that calm? Often debates and disputes make a person uncontrollable in his emotions. Therefore, exemplify the nature of the Prophet whose ihsana is still maintained even in dialogue and even debate. (AT/RE1)

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