Prisoners’ Committee: National Unity Confused Occupation and Was Basis for Palestinian Prisoners’ Victory

Gaza, MINA – The prisoners’ committee for the national and Islamic forces in the Gaza Strip congratulated the prisoners movement on the new victory that it achieved Thursday evening by forcibly extracting their rights from the Zionist occupation.

The committee emphasized that Palestinian national unity in the Israeli prisons was a basis for achieving victory and the speed of its achievement, which created confusion among the occupation devices, MINA’s Contributor in Gaza reports.

The committee added, the prisoners achieved a lot this evening, and it was like a psychological war in which they defeated the Zionist will, which was defeated by the will of the prisoners, the unity of the people, and the vigorous follow-up of the Palestinian resistance.

The committee called on the prisoners to preserve the prisoners’ achievements by providing the necessary support and backing for their just cause until the Israeli occupation is broken and all prisoners are liberated. (LKG/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)