PM Abe Officially Resigns for Health Reason

Tokyo, MINA – Through a press conference on Friday, Shinzo Abe has officially resigned from his position as Prime Minister of Japan due to worsening inflammatory bowel disease.

He said he did not want his illness to get in the way of decision making, and apologized to the Japanese people for not being able to complete his term, BBC News reported.

“I made the decision that I shouldn’t continue with my job as prime minister,” Abe said.

“I would like to sincerely apologise to the people of Japan for leaving my post with one year left in my term of office, and amid the coronavirus woes, while various policies are still in the process of being implemented,” he added, making a bow.

The 65 year old was reported to have suffered from ulcerative colitis for years, an inflammatory bowel disease, but he said his condition had worsened recently.

Abe’s health has been the subject of intense speculation since he underwent an examination at Tokyo’s Keio University Hospital. This month Abe has had 3 days off and on August 17 he suddenly went to the hospital. There he underwent an examination for more than 7 hours.

His second hospital visit came a week later for additional tests, at which time he said he would continue his work.

Last year, he became Japan’s longest serving prime minister. His current term of office began in 2012.

In 2007, he abruptly stepped down from his previous term as prime minister due to his struggles with ulcerative colitis, a chronic condition he had had since he was a teenager. (T/R7/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)