Philippines’ Ulema: Da’wah Must be Conducted Cooperatively

Muhajirun, MINA – Shaykh Watu Datu Ibrahim, Chief of Philippino clerics of Mindanao said, Islamic da’wah should be conducted cooperatively between and inter-agencies or community.

“There are a new converters and people who has long time be a Muslim in the north and south of Philippines. So, it is very necessary to have good coordination cooperatively, especially in Philippines,” he told in the Tabligh Akbar Jama’ah Muslimin (Hizbullah) at Masjid An-Nubuwwah Compound, Pesantren Al-Fatah, Muhajirun, Negararatu, Natar , South Lampung, Sunday (6/5).

Watu is now concerning about the nearest program of how to maximize da’wah activities in this holy month of Ramadan.

According to him, Islam in the Philippines has existed before Spain came to the island. “Even now many people love Islam,” he said.

The number of Muslims in Philippines is about 20 million from 100 million of total population.

He added that now more and more people whom they are convert to Islam.

“Muslims in Philippines must unite, must be strong, have a culture of literacy and active in amar ma’ruf nahi mungkar,” he added.

He believed that by holding on to the Qur’an and As-Sunnah, Muslims will have good progress. “The future of Islam in Philippines will be better,” he continued.

He added, the current Philippine President Duterte, has Mindanao blood that is in fact a Muslim majority.

“The most important things in practicing Islamic sharia¬†is to uphold Jama’ah Muslimin and its Imaam, unifying Muslims in the Philippines, Indonesia and all over the world,” he said. (L /RS2/P2).


Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)

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