Palestinians and Israeli Forces Agree with Ceasefire

Gaza, MINA – Joint Palestinian forces in Gaza agreed to carry out a ceasefire if Israeli military forces want to do the same. Recent gun contact has been the biggest contact after 2014 gunfire.

On Tuesday, a joint Palestinian force stated that a ceasefire would be carried out. “As long as the Israeli military does the same thing,” the Palestinian representative told to the reporters quoted by Republika online on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, an Israeli representative said, Israel also intends to carry out a ceasefire by looking at how the Palestinian militias moved.

Since Monday, Israeli air strikes have killed seven Palestinians, five of whom were gunmen. A missile attack from Gaza killed a Palestinian living on the West Bank of Gaza.

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This attack is said to be the third largest in a decade of armed contact between Israel and Palestinian militia known as Hamas.

Hamas and other armed factions fired more than 400 rockets or mortar bombs across the border after carrying out missile attacks. The bullet hit a bus that wounded an Israeli soldier.

Asked whether Israel was heading for a ceasefire, Yuval Steinitz, a member of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s security cabinet, still showed a nervous attitude.

“I would say that a more accurate definition is that the Israeli military landed an unprecedented and hard hit on Hamas in Gaza, and we will see whether that will be enough or whether further punches will be needed,” he said. (T/Sj/RS5)

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Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)