Palestinian Youths Intercept Israeli Soldiers Who Make Arrests

Yerusalem, MINA – The Israeli Occupation Forces on Monday launched raids and attacks on various areas in the occupied West Bank, where a number of youths were arrested after the youths put up resistance.

Arab 48 reported as quoted by MINA, clashes broke out in Hebron governorate when the establishment of military checkpoints, searched residents vehicles and some of them conducted field investigations.

In the Jerusalem governorship, the occupation police arrested two youths, Muhammad al-Ateeq and Abdullah al-Julani, near Bab al-Asbat.

In Nablus, the occupation forces invaded the city of Madama and were stationed on its western outskirts, and invaded the city of Qaryut then headed for Khirbet Silun.

In Hebron province, a number of youths confronted the occupation forces, clashes were inevitable when the troops stormed the Al-Arroub camp and began attacking several houses there.

Clashes also occurred in the Wasat Al-Aroub area where youths used stones and Molotov cocktails to organize the occupation forces.

The occupation forces also closed entrances to the camp and on the roofs of houses and residential buildings, where they fired stun grenades and gas canisters intensively at residents, as well as firing flare bombs at the camp sky.

The Al-Arroub camp witnessed constant confrontations with the occupation forces, who supplemented their daily against the rights of citizens and their property in them.

In the city of Hebron, the occupation forces arrested Adham Ziyad Abu Aisha, and the young man, Islam Sabri Masalmeh, from the town of Deir Samet, after ransacking their home and destroying its contents.

The occupation forces several military checkpoints at the north and south entrances to the city of Hebron, and at the entrances to the cities of Sa’ir and Halhul, and sign vehicles, search them, and check their passenger cards.

In Tulkarm, the occupation forces arrested a prisoner who was released from the city of Anabta. Al-Asir detention committee statement, occupation force activist elderly Khairy Saeed Hanoun (61 years), after they raided a home in the city.

Occupation forces attacked Hanoun during its suppression of land-grab protests in the villages of Jabara, Al-Ras and Shufa, southeast of Tulkarm, earlier this month, with the aim of being positioned in the residential industrial zone above it.

Hanoun is a freed prisoner who spent more than 8 years of his life in occupation, an activist in a prison against walls and settlements, and a member of the faction coordination committee in Tulkarem. (T/Hju/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)