Palestinian Election Commission Prepares Voting in Jerusalem

Ramallah, MINA – The Palestinian Election Commission is preparing to finalizing all regulation to ensure the holding of legislative elections in Israeli occupied Jerusalem.

The commission said Palestinian leadership had send a letter to Israeli, which confirm their will holding election in Jerusalem, West Bank and Gaza Strip according to agreed protocol. Thus, it was quoted from Quds Press on Tuesday.

The commission explained the protocol related to Jerusalem, in the voting process at 6 post centers in East Jerusalem with a capacity of 6,300 people.

“This must allow Israeli, because the posts are under Israeli control, ” the statement continued.

The commission  added that the remainder of the eligible Jerusalem voters, numbering around 150,000. They are supposed to vote on the outskirts of Jerusalem and the issue does not require Israeli permits.

The commission has prepare 11 electoral centers on the outskirts of Jerusalem, so that 150,000 Jerusalem people can give vote there without beforehand registration.

The commission said around 60 Jerusalem citizens had been registration for elections in the several region and that the legislative election campaign phase would begin on April 30.

Estimated, the number of Palestinian in East Jerusalem around 350.000 peoples.

The commission said they want to apply same regulation for legislative election will held on Mey 22 and President elections on July 31. (T/Hju/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)