Palestinian Children and Women Been Tortured, Who Speaks Up

Palestinian Children and Women Continue to be Tortured, Who Speaks Up (photo: Special)

By: Onny Firyanti, Head of Indonesian Humanitarian Maemuna Center (M-ae-C)

Throughout this year, it seems haven’t stopped we hear and read news about dead and injured of Palestinians being victims of brutal attacks from the Israeli Zionist Forces. The victims were not only men, but also innocent women and children.

The series violations of Human Rights (HAM) committed against Palestinians continues to increase from year to year. Even though there are several international humanitarian organizations existing in the land of Palestine. However, the Israeli Zionists does not recognize their existence.

Last Monday, the Israeli military admitted that its troops had shot dead a Palestinian child in the city of Jenin, West Bank named Jana Majdi Zakarneh. The 16-year-old girl was found dead on the roof by her house after Israeli soldiers left the area.

Zakarneh is known to be in the attic of his house want to take his pet cat. But the Israeli army suspected her, and finally shot the girl to death.

Israel has never apologized for all the violations they have committed, even with the case of murder of Jana Zakarneh which they call “an accidental event”.


Zakarneh was the victim of the 36th Palestinian child killed by Israel, and the 224th Palestinians who lost his life as a result of Zionist barbarity attack throughout 2022. While in previous years, hundreds of Palestinian lives had lost, without any moral and legal accountability from the Zionists.

Zakarneh’s assassination was not the first crime and violation committed by the Israeli Occupation Army, nor will it be the last, when the international community remains silent and no concrete action while witnessing this heartbreaking event.

Children and women in Palestine are the most vulnerable because they are considered the weakest and incapable of giving any resistance.

Zionist Israel feels impunity, as if no one can stop their crimes. Instead of just stopping, to criticize and condemn, world leaders seem to have been on fire beforehand. Their tongues are numb, when the one whom they criticize is their allies.

Even when dozens of victims of children and women continue to fall throughout this year. There is not much that the international community can do, nor  the United Nations has issued a statement.

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The United Nations as a world institution that guards peace and justice should take concrete action and stop Israeli violations against the Palestinian people. As is the case with the defense of Ukraine and other pro-Western allies.

Meanwhile in the case of Ukraine, they spoke loudly. Criticism after criticism they voiced.

Truly, this is a form of injustice shown by most of the leaders of European and American countries. The double standard in the West seems to be no longer be a secret. Even though they claim to be a democratic country that cares about human rights. But real discrimination is shown to the world.

As various criticisms given from Muslim countries only a passing wind for Zionist Israel. They seem deaf and blind, do not hear criticism from anywhere and anyone.

Pressures from the Indonesian government and others in the international diplomatic arena was ignored by the Zionist Israel. Not even shy, the Zionists even offered diplomatic relations to Islamic countries. It would be a shame if any Islamic country would accept their offer.

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For this reason, the international community’s awareness of concern for the fate of the Palestinian people must be continued to built, so that calls to stop Israeli crimes continue to echo. We must not tire of voicing justice, in order to create world peace.

As a citizens of the world, the obligation to create peace on all of us. Even though today, it has not produced significant results, we must not be tired and stop this struggle.

Maemuna Center (Mae-C) as a humanitarian organization that focuses on the struggle of the Palestinian people, especially women and children, will continue to speak out. We will continue to garner support, invite the world community, to care about and voice defense for the Palestinian cause, until peace and justice are established in that country.

Mae-C will continue to fight, until Zionist Israel returns Al-Aqsa back to the lap of Muslims, give the sovereignty to the Palestinian people, hands over Palestinian land to its original owners and stops committing crimes and other human rights violations. (T/RE1/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)