New Controversy in Karnataka, Turbulent Issues “Boycott Halal Meat”

Bengaluru, MINA – As the state of Karnataka, southern India, prepares to celebrate Ugadi which marks the start of the New Year for those who are members of the state, a new controversy arose.

April 2 is Ugadi and Hindus mark the next day as Hostathodaku, where they start the new year with a meat feast.

After the hijab dispute raging in various pockets of the state, Mohan Gowda, spokesman for the Hindu Janajagruti Samithi, called for a boycott of halal meat.

“During Ugadi, many Hindus follow the tradition of cooking meat to mark Hostathodaku. Let’s all make sure we don’t buy halal meat. We need to boycott this,” said Mohan Gowda, Awaz-the Voice reports.

“Muslim traders slaughtered the animal while chanting Islamic prayers. n this way, they have made an offering to God. How can we accept that into our Hindu tradition? This goes against our beliefs,” he said.

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He alleged, through the sale of halal meat, a lot of money was pumped into making the state Islamic.

“We Hindus must unite to boycott halal meat,” he stressed.

Soon the statement turned into a furious campaign across the state capital, Bengaluru. Bajrang Dal and VHP members have put up posters in Nelamangala calling for a ban on halal meat. Even Hindu meat stalls have been set up in areas adjacent to Muslim meat stalls.

A source said this was a harsh retaliation against the decision of Muslim traders against the hijab ruling.

BJP leader CT Ravi was quick to back calls for a boycott of halal meat, calling it “economic jihad”.

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“With halal meat, Muslims have monopolized the market. And what’s wrong with Hindus refusing halal meat?” he asked. The ruling party refuses to take action against this campaign.

Karnataka Home Minister Araga Jnanendra said, “All these reactions started after Muslims protested the High Court order in the hijab case. Only when there is a law and order issue, the Ministry of Home Affairs will pay attention to it.”

The opposition has criticized Hindu groups for calling it a BJP election ploy for 2023.

“With elections around the corner, the ruling party knows they have lost the people’s trust. They need problems to be shared and mastered. That is why they fuel this tension between Hindus and Muslims. They don’t care if lives are at stake. They are worried about holding on to their power,” said Congress Party legislator Ajay Singh.

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Concurring with him, JDS President HD Kumaraswamy said, “Hindus and Muslims have been living in harmony for the past few years. The BJP disturbs the peace between these two communities just to keep their power. I’m asking them with folded arms to stop this now.”

Several BJP leaders have claimed that all communities should be given equal rights to do business.

BJP legislator Anil Benake said, “As a lawyer, I state that every community has the right to be given equal opportunities to do business. People have to decide where to buy and from whom.” (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)