Muslims Pray in Congregation Amid Protest in the US

New York, MINA – Unusual scenes are seen on the sidelines of demonstrations demanding justice for the death of black US citizen George Floyd.

In a video uploaded by MK-Ultara News on Twitter, a number of Muslims who also participated in the demonstration held a congregational prayer in the midst of thousands of masses in New York.

Incredibly, during the prayer nobody bothered them, including the police. They were heavily guarded by thousands of non-Muslim demonstrators who formed a posse circle.

“Non-Muslim protestors surround Muslims at NYC #BlackLivesMatter / #GeorgeFloyd protest to protect them from NYPD cops while they pray,” MK-Ultra News wrote in the upload.

Interestingly during the prayer, the demonstrators actually stopped their activities. No one gave speeches or shouted, even the voice of the priest when he spoke Allah the Greatest could be heard clearly.

Today, large-scale demonstrations still fill some of the most famous sights in the United States. They demand justice for the death of black citizen George Floyd in Minneapolis, who is considered a racist act.

Demonstrations also reached four other continents, which ended in clashes in two European cities. (R/R7/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)