Indonesian Islamic Organization to Build Mosque in Republic of Uganda

Jakarta, MINA – Indonesian Islamic organization Muhammadiyah plans to build a mosque for Muslims in Uganda, East Africa.

President Director of LazisMU PP Muhammadiyah, Sabeth Abilawa said, one unit of the mosque will be built in rural areas in Kampala, the capital of Uganda starting next week.

“This is intended to help the Muslim community in Kampala to have a proper place of worship,” Sabeth said as quoted from the Muhammadiyah website on Wednesday.

Previously, there were videos of the Ugandan Muslim community worshiping in inappropriate places. Their mosque is only made of clay covered with shabby tarpaulin mats with old wooden poles. Seeing this, Lazismu contacted partners in Uganda to conduct an assessment.

“PP Muhammadiyah and Lazismu are encouraged to help the Ugandan Muslim community to worship properly. So, we decided to raise funds to build a proper mosque in the East African country,” said Sabeth.

The construction of the mosque will be carried out with funds of US $ 10,738 or equivalent to Rp. 155 million, collaborating with the Indonesian community in Uganda and local volunteers Lazismu in Uganda.

Sabeth said that the people of Uganda are actually brothers and sisters with the Indonesian people in humanity.

This awareness encourages his party to help Ugandan Muslims to be able to carry out their worship comfortably.

The Republic of Uganda has a Muslim population of 13.7 percent in 2014. Bilateral relations between Indonesia and Uganda have been established since 1982.

Uganda is included in the accreditation area of ​​the Indonesian Embassy in Nairobi, while the Ugandan Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is accredited to Indonesia. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)