Mount Merapi Erupted, Some Residents Start To Evacuate

The thin ash is distributed in several areas around the slopes of Mount Merapi. (Photo: Public Relations of BNPB)

Magelang, MINA – Mount Merapi Erupted on Friday causing some residents who live in several villages in Magelang Regency, Central Java to start evacuating on Friday.

Chief Executive of the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of Magelang Regency, Edy Susanto, said that last night there was an agreement from the officials of Paten, Krinjing and Ngargomulyo Villages in Dukun District to start evacuating some residents to minimize the impact if Mount Merapi erupted.

“This is understandable, because the status of Merapi on alert was set yesterday at 12.00, if they evacuate in the afternoon they are not psychologically ready enough, and only today can evacuation be carried out,” he said.

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Edy explained the concept of Brothers Village was implemented in the evacuation of residents in villages around Mount Merapi.

In this case, villages in hazard-prone areas are integrated with neighboring buffer villages, which among other things will become places for villagers in hazard-prone areas to flee.

Residents from Paten Village can evacuate to Banyurojo Village in Mertoyudan District, Ngargomulyo Village residents can evacuate to Tamanagung in Muntilan District, and Krinjing Village residents can flee to Deyangan Village in Mertoyudan District.

“So, they evacuated not evacuated, because the concept of the Brothers Village is community empowerment, the concept of community-based refugee management departs from the experience of 2010, so that it is more organized,” said Edy.

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He explained that currently people in Krinjing Village have started to evacuate. Residents who move to refugee camps mainly belong to vulnerable groups such as children, pregnant women, sick people, elderly people, and people with disabilities.

According to Edy, on Friday there were 50 residents of Trono Hamlet, 50 residents of Trayem Hamlet, and 60 residents of Pugeran Hamlet in Krinjing Village who fled to Deyangan Village in Mertoyudan District.

“They took refuge in their own vehicles, prepared six cars and then escorted by an ambulance. Indeed, the concept is like that, every time there is someone escorting the ambulance and from the Police and Koramil,” said Edy. (T/RE1)

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Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)