Morocco, Palestine, and World Cup

By: Rachmat Asyari (Amir Syubban Jama’ah Muslimin Hizbullah North Jakarta)

At present, all the eyes of the world are fixed on the grand performance of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. After taking part in the qualifying rounds since June 6 2019, the 32 best national teams along with the hosts were selected who were entitled to take part in this prestigious event.

Not just a sport, this year’s World Cup has also become a battleground for Western versions of human rights values. Just look at how the German national team did the Shut Up pose before kick off as a form of protest against the ban on the use of the Captain OneLove Armband, which is a symbol of support for LGBTQ people.

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The World Football Organization, FIFA agreed to Qatar’s request to ban all LGBT attributes and all alcoholic beverages in this world cup event.

Protests were also made by supporters of Italian nationality, who were desperate to break into the field during the Portugal vs Uruguay match, waving the Rainbow flag. BBC reporter Alex Scott also deliberately used the Pelangi armband while reporting on England’s premiere match in Qatar.

The most interesting, of course, support for Palestine. Starting from the armband, posters, flags to the Palestinian national anthem, echoed throughout the Qatar 2022 world cup matches. This is proof that the Palestinian issue is a global issue of humanity, justice & independence. Morocco is the team that has been the most aggressive in supporting Palestine in every game. As if transformed into a representative of the Palestinian national team. Morocco’s success in penetrating the quarter-finals was welcomed by the Palestinian people.

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Morocco & Israel

Two years ago, December 10, 2022, Morocco officially became the fourth Arab country to sign an agreement to normalize relations with Israel, after the US under the leadership of Donald Trump recognized Morocco’s sovereignty over Western Sahara.

“Official contacts and diplomatic relations with Israel will soon be established,” said Morocco’s King Mohamed VI. Israeli Prime Minister at the time, Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed this historic event, and called it the ‘Light of peace’.

Suddenly, this agreement received rejection and criticism from the Moroccan people who said that this normalization was a betrayal of Palestine. Condemnation also came from Palestine, Hazem Qassem, spokesman for Hamas said ‘This is a sin, and this is not worthy of the Palestinian people’.

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Although normalization has been established. The anti-normalization attitude with Israel remains in the hearts of the people of this North African Kingdom. The world cup is the right event to show the whole world & the Palestinian people in particular, that the Moroccan people will always support Palestine, even though the government is establishing normalization. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)