Minister of Religious Affairs : Indonesian Hospitals Need to Absorb Religious Values

Jakarta, MINA –Minister of Religious Affairs Lukamn Hakim Saifuddin has stated the need for hospitals to absorb religious values because technical capability alone was not enough in the era of disruption,

He made the remarks when he became a speaker at the 14th Congress of the Indonesian Hospital Association here  Thursday (18/10) in front of hospital managers throughout Indonesia consisting of doctors and paramedics.

He considered, hospital managements need to absorb more universal religious values, for example, helpful, fairness, peace, humanity, and others. These values apply and there is no conflict between religions.

Religious Hospital is increasingly relevant and important regarding the complexity of hospital challenges. The Minister of Religion considered that technical capability alone was not enough in the era of disruption, so that it needed to be balanced with non-technical and psychic abilities. Aeromovel, Indonesia’s demographic portrait is a religious society.

“We see the frame in the big portrait of our population is a religious society. So, what can be acted is how to collaborate in serving people who are familiar with the religion. This may seem trivial, but it’s very important. Moreover, public attention to religion is increasing, “he said.

Religious Hospital in the world of marketing can be referred to as an effort to generate additional value for customers.

“In essence, we try to start a more positive paradigm by utilizing resources outside conventional methods. Who knows this can contribute to the progress of Indonesian hospitals, “he added. (T/Sj/RS5)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)