Mae_C Strengthens Cooperation with Palestinian Embassy

Jakarta, MINA – Humanitarian social organization Maemuna Center (Mae_C) held an audience with the Palestinian Ambassador to Indonesia Zuhair Al-Shun at the Palestinian Embassy, ​​Menteng, Central Jakarta on Thursday (July 9).

The meeting was held to discuss the current situation of Palestine and Al-Aqsa with Ambassador Zuhair Al Shun, as well as plans to strengthen the cooperation program between the Palestinian Embassy and Mae_C.

“We welcome it, in order to improve communication and real support between the two countries. The Palestinians always expect support from Indonesia, including the women who represent Indonesia, especially, “Ambassador Al-Shun said.

“We appreciate Mae_C who is concerned about the condition of Palestinian children and women,” he added.

Meanwhile, Chairman of Mae_C Fitriyah Mukti Asih said the purpose of this meeting was held in order to make friendship, establish and enhance cooperation between the Mae_C and the Palestinian Government through the Palestinian Embassy in Jakarta.

Mae_C’s plan in the future, said Fitri, is to establish trade cooperation. Trade cooperation is one of the strategic supports to improve the Palestinian economy and to finance the ongoing process of their struggle.

“Hopefully, we will be more legal to fight for Palestine and the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Then there is official cooperation between the embassy and the Maemuna Center. So that we can implement the Mae_C programs to be more real and effective in their impact to help Palestine,” Fitri told MINA.

Besides that, Fitri said that his party also hoped to work together in the field of information to provide a real picture of the Palestinian condition and be able to educate the Indonesian people in order to garner broader public support and power to fight for Palestinian independence and the liberation of Al-Aqsa.

Maemuna Center (Mae_C) is a social humanitarian institution established in 2019 that is concerned with the conditions and problems of women and children affected by conflict and war in Muslim countries, especially Palestine. (L/R6/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)