Madrasa Science Competition to Build Human Resources

Photo: Obi Licom

Lampung, MINA – The Regional Office of the Ministry of Religion of Lampung Province assessed that the Madrasa Science Competition (KSM) at the provincial level which will be held on 19-20 September 2021 can improve the quality of human resources (HR), especially Muslims.

“In a broader context, KSM is expected to be able to build the image of madrasas as educational institutions that have the potential to improve the quality of human resources,” said Head of the Lampung Province Ministry of Religion’s Regional Office, Juanda Naim on Friday, as quoted from Republika.

According to him, this year’s KSM is an event for madrasa students to achieve and improve the quality of education, as well as dismiss the public perception that madrasa education is at the second grade level.

In addition, he continued, this activity is also an event to build the abilities of madrasa students, which aims to motivate students to love science, technology, art and sports more so as to create superior nation’s children, especially in the fields of science and technology and Imtaq.

“Let’s show that today’s madrasas are ready to compete competitively with public schools in both academic and non-academic fields,” he said.

In fact, Juanda also emphasized that madrasah students are now able to compete in the midst of a futuristic and globalistic society as the slogan “better Madrasah, better Madrasah”.

He said this activity could be used as a momentum as a vehicle for madrasa traffic in Lampung to exchange experiences in managing madrasas professionally and being able to answer today’s challenges.

“So I ask that this activity be a moment of exchanging experiences both in terms of content and learning strategies so that it can have a positive impact on the quality of madrasa students,” he said. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)