Lebanese PM and Staff Resign from Government

lebanese pm(photo: special)

Beirut, MINA – Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab on Monday announced the resignation of himself and his ranks, amid widespread public anger at the country’s ruling elite over last week’s violent explosion in Beirut.

The move risks paving the way for pending negotiations over a new cabinet amid pressing calls for reform.

“This disaster is the result of chronic corruption,” said Diab in his remarks to the nation, referring to the port disaster, as quoted by Nahar Net.

“Some don’t interpret the 17 October revolution correctly. The revolution is against them, ”he said.

He denounced politicians for using dirty means to prevent change.


“They should be ashamed of themselves for their corruption which caused the hidden disaster for the past seven years,” he added.

“Today, we pay attention to people’s demands for real change. Today, we will take a step back to stand with the community, ”said Diab.

“I declare today the resignation of this government. May God protect Lebanon, ”he said by repeating the last sentence three times.

The developments followed anti-government protests over the weekend following the Aug. 4 explosion at the Beirut port that caused extensive damage, killing at least 160 people and injuring an estimated 6,000.

Protests also took place on Monday during Diab’s speech.

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Diab’s resignation was met with car horns in the streets and celebratory fireworks in the northern city of Tripoli. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)