Kalla Perform Umrah at Makkah

Photo: AP

Makkah, MINA – The 10th and 12th Indonesian Vice President Jusuf Kalla received the honor from the Secretary General of the Islamic World League, Shaykh Muh Abdul Karim Al-Isa to carry out the Umrah pilgrimage on Sunday.

Kalla was accompanied by the former Deputy Chief of Police, Syafruddin as the Chairperson of the Prophet Muhammad SAW History Museum Foundation and Islamic Civilization and his entourage.

They become the first umrah pilgrims from outside Saudi Arabia who were able to carry after iyb closed at the end of February 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19).

In front of the Ka’bah, Kalla prayed to Allah SWT that the coronavirus pandemic worldwide would end soon. He also prayed specifically for the Indonesian people to always be protected by Allah SWT and kept away from the coronavirus.

At the same time, kalla also had the opportunity to perform evening prayers and evening prayers in the congregation and pray in front of the Ka’ba.

A member of the group, Anizar Masyhadi, stated that the Umrah worship mechanism implemented by the Saudi authorities in the midst of the pandemic was classified as very strict.

He gave an example that all delegates were obliged to submit the results of the PCR swap test, so that the implementation of tawaf and sai was obliged to use masks and keep their distance.

“The Umrah mechanism is very strict. The process of entering Saudi Arabia is based on health protocols,” said Anizar.

According to the plan, Kalla will fly to Medina on Monday to make a pilgrimage to the tomb of Prophet Muhammad SAW in the Prophet’s Mosque.

Prior to Riyadh and Makkah, Kalla had a meeting with the Leader of the Vatican Holy See, Pope Francis at the Pope’s Private Library, St. Peter Basilica of the Vatican. He with 5 members of the Jury of the Zayed Award for Human Fraternity a few days ago.

Jusuf Kalla and Syafruddin also signed the Cooperation Agreement on the Establishment and Construction of the International History Museum and Exhibition of the Prophet Muhammad and Islamic Civilization in Indonesia with the Islamic World League in Riyadh, the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on Saturday. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)