Joko Widodo Talks About Palestinian Independence at the UNGA

Joko Widodo Talks About Palestinian Independence at the UNGA (photo: Screenshot)

New York, MINA – President Joko Widodo made a speech at the 75th of UN General Assembly on Wednesday. Some of the issues he addressed, including regarding Palestinian independence.

“Palestine is the only country present at the Conference in Bandung that has yet to enjoy its independence,” said the President.

The President explained that the Asian-African Conference in Bandung in 1955 emphasized the importance of equality so as not to leave a single country.

“This equality of degrees was emphasized by the Founding Father of the Indonesian Nation, Soekarno, Bung Karno, during the Asian-African Conference in Bandung which resulted the Principles of Sila Bandung,” said Joko Widodo.

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Previously, the President also reminded that the establishment of the UN 75 years ago is to make the world could be more peaceful, stable and prosperous. But he said that this dream have not been achieved.

The principles of the UN Charter and international law are often ignored, including respect for territorial integrity and sovereignty.

This concern is getting bigger during the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, President Joko Widodo emphasized that Indonesia continues to consistently provide support for Palestine to obtain its rights. (L / RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)