Jakarta Governor Sentenced 2 Years in Prison for Blasphemy Case

Jakarta, 12 Sha’ban 1438/9 May 2017 (MINA) – The North Jakarta District Court on Tuesday sentenced Jakarta Governor Basuki Thahaja Purnama two years in jail for blasphemy case in a trial widely seen across nation.

Purnama, known as Ahok, was charged with blasphemy under Article 156a of the Criminal Code and with defaming clergymen under Article 156.

Reading the court verdict, the number of Judges led by Dwiarso Budi Santiarso stated that Ahok found guilty as he divided the nation by the statement he made.

One of the factors, he stated, can be seen from many people from regions reported the alleged-insulting statement of Ahok during his initial campaign in governatorial election.

The verdict said people from regions in Indonesia reported the case, as it is believed insulting majority Muslim feeling. Ahok’s statement also led to many protests by millions Muslim who came to the capital city.

“The complainants who come from different regions in Indonesia have nothing to do with the regional head elections taking place in Jakarta,” the statement said.

The verdict also said, this case is not a prove of anti-tolerant in the country, as well as not part againts other tribe or religion as foreign media reported.

“This case is completely part of criminal act,” he read.

Answering the judge, Ahok said he will appeal and submitted its written letter in less than a week.

Ahok headed to Cipinang prison, East Jakarta, right after the verdict.(L/RE1/P2)
Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA)