Israeli Forces Forced Two Palestinian Families to Destroy Their Own Houses

Jerusalem, MINA – The Israeli Occupational Authority (IOA) on Monday forced two Palestinian families to demolish their own houses in the city of Silwan in the southern city of Jerusalem.

The Information Center, Wadi Hilweh, said, as quoted by Palinfo, the IOA ordered the Al-Qaq and Abu Sbeih families to demolish their three houses in Silwan under the pretext of unauthorized construction.

An activist, Khaled Abu Tayeh said the families had begun evacuating their homes because they intended to carry out their own demolition to avoid paying large fines to the Jerusalem municipality in Israel.

“Abu Tayeh confirmed that all legal efforts made by the family to cancel the demolition order had failed,” the report said.

Thousands of Palestinians in Jerusalem continue to live under threat. IOA destroyed their home or ordered to destroy by themselves at any time because of accusations made up.

Based on official Palestinian statistics, more than 1,900 Palestinian homes have been destroyed in Jerusalem since the city was occupied in 1967. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA).