Israel Threatens to Arrest Toddler Child

Jerusalem, MINA – Israeli police canceled on Tuesday the call of Mohammad Rabea Alian, a 4-year-old boy, after protests from media and public.

Israeli police finally only interrogated his father and threatened to arrest his child, who was still under five years old, if he repeated throwing stones.

“My child knows nothing about police or stone. He is only a four-year-old boy, not yet knowing what people in this country want, “Rabia Alian told Israeli interrogators, who warned him not to let her son play on the road and participate in throwing stones.

“Mohammed played on the road yesterday with other children, they ran when Israeli troops stormed the streets and ran with them,” Rabea Alian said, as quoted by Ma’an news agency.

The Israeli troops tried to arrest him. His family then submitted an inquiry to him.

His father said Muhammed was shocked and would take him to swim because he cannot explain what happened.

Meanwhile, high-ranking officials and residents of the city of Issawiya accompanied Rabea Alian with his son, in protest at Israel’s targeting of children and to support the child and his father.

Various media outlets also vigorously reported and appealed to attend the action of taking children to the police station and waiting for their father in front of the Israeli police station.

The lawyer said that Israeli interrogators “claimed that Mohammad Rabea Alian, threw stones yesterday.” Therefore, his father was called and we asked for proof or video about the police claim, but the interrogator refused.

The police argued that summoning father and prosecution of a child was part of an attack on Issawiya, a city that has suffered Israeli attacks more than 120 times in recent days.

Mohammed Abu al-Homs, a member of follow-up committee in Issawiya, said that Israeli police targeted everything in the city of Issawiya in a “collective punishment” campaign during the second month in a row.

Israel also imposes a variety of taxes on shop owners, randomly restricting vehicles, arresting young men and boys who are on city roads, in addition to the establishment of barriers at the entrance to the city and roads, which cause traffic difficulties.

Israeli police also used live ammunition, bullets, and grenades against residents during the raid on Isawiya city neighborhood. (T/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA