Israel Cuts off Palestinian Water Supplies in Jordan Valley

Tentara Israel terpantau menyita pipa-pipa air Palestina (foto: istimewa)

Jordan Valley, MINA – Israeli occupation forces cut off water supplies to Palestinian village of Bardala in the northern Jordan Valley on Thursday, September 20. Local official Derar Sawafta said Israeli forces invaded the village and closed villagers’ springs without mentioning the reason.

“Israeli army has cut off water supplies to the village several times before in an effort to force local residents to leave the area,” Derar said, quoted from Palestinian Information Center (Palinfo) Friday.

Israeli forces’ attack adds to the length of barbarity carried out by Israeli Zionis to Palestinians. Previously, Amnesty International also condemned the killing of a Palestinian woman by Israrl’s army on Wednesday at Qalandiya checkpoint.


Amnesty stressed the video recorded incident must be an urgent reminder of the need for international justice. In addition, to begin mapping the way to end of Israel’s institutionalized and systematic violations of Palestinian human rights.

“Video footage of the incident showed a woman standing some distance from Israeli guards when they shot her dead. She did not appear to carry a firearm and did not pose a direct threat to the guards or lives of those around them when they opened fire. It strongly shows her murder might be illegal, “Amnesty said.

The international human rights group underlines that under international law, lethal force must only be used when it is absolutely unavoidable and to protect people from the risk of death or serious injury.

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In recent years, Amnesty International has documented hundreds of cases in occupied Palestinian territories where Israeli forces have used lethal force on unarmed Palestinians who do not threaten the lives of soldiers or others. (T/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)