Islamic jihad  condole to Jamaah Muslimin (Hizbullah) (Photo: displacedpalestinians)
Islamic jihad condole to Jamaah Muslimin (Photo: displacedpalestinians)

Jakarta, 19 Safar 1436/12 December 2014 (MINA) – A spokesman of Palestinian movement Islamic Jihad Omar Shallah stated his movement condolence over the late Indonesian Imaamul muslimin Muhyiddin Hamidi.

Shallah visited Indonesian hospital building in north Gaza to meet volunteers in part of  his party condolences to the late imaam who is also well known as coordinator in support for the Al-Aqsa mosque and Palestine liberation, and appointed  in the International Conference For Freedom of Al-Quds and Palestine held in Bandung, 2012.

The late Imaam, 83, passed away on 04.15 am Friday December 12, 2014 in his house in Lampung, south Sumatera island, Indonesia, due to long-term disease he has.

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“Muhyiddn Hamidy’s struggle in liberating Al-Aqsa and Palestine should be continued by Muslims,” Shallah told Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA) correspondent  during his visit in the hospital.

The Imaamul Muslimin was a leader of the Muslim unity (Jamaah Muslimin) which appointed following propethic ways in choosing leader (Caliph)  by making ‘promise’ (Bai’at) as self submission for Allah as the only God and also obedience to the elected leader to live in Islamic rules.

Following the prophetinc ways, Muslims must take in a forum to  choose  the imaam successor, therefore the Council of  Muslim unity appointed Yakhsyallah Mansur as his successor.

During his life, Imaam Muhyidin Hamidy actively voiced for the liberation of Al-Aqsa mosque, saying the issue  considered as the mother of conflict of this world, as the Palestinian fighting against the occupation on the Muslim, Christian, Jews holy land.

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Muhyidin has formed The liberation of Al-Aqsa (Gazwah Al-Aqsa) on September 17, 2006 by holding various activities both in and outside country, including Jakarta, Bandung, Aceh Sumatra, Lampung, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippine, etc.

The activities held for more than 10 years included rally (longmarch)  in supporting the liberation,  international conference, international seminar, photo exhibition, Palestine lobby for peace, and sustainable socialisation on Palestine throughout the country for decades.(L /P009/R04)

Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA)