Indonesia’s Istiqlal Mosque to Hold 17 Programs During Ramadan 1440H

Istiqlal Mosque (special)

Jakarta, MINA – Amaliyah Ramadan Committee Istiqlal Mosque has prepared 17 programs during the holy month of Ramadan 1440 H, although there are major renovations on mosque.

“In general, it is still same as last year, 17 programs, such as tarawih, opening together, tausiyah, itikaf for the last 10 days, and in the evening there was a special lecture by the high priest,” said Chairman of Amaliyah Committee Ramadan Bukhori SA on Friday to MINA at Istiqlal Mosque, Central Jakarta.

Bukhori said that for breaking fast together, the committee will provide 4,000 servings every day, except for Saturday and Sunday will be an additional 5,500 servings, while sahur together will provide 1,500 servings.

Meanwhile, reciting Al-Quran will display Qori, national and international Qoriah, then tausiyah by prominent religious leaders in Indonesia who will fill during the month of Ramadan.

“For tarawih prayers, God willing, this year there will be a slight difference with last year, so this year the prayer will be 20 rak’ahs directly, so for those who pray eight rak’ahs please and for 20 rak’ahs please,” he added.

The committee has also prepared a cleaning team and security team, however, committee urged pilgrims to maintain their cleanliness and luggage.

He added that massive renovation of Istiqlal Mosque would last for 10 months. (L/Sj/R04)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)